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Chapter 6

The transmission room was dark. The equipment is very sensitive to light so the room has to be. The only light in the room was the red back glow from behind the screen (we never quite figured out why it does that) & the light from the screen it’s self. The face on the screen was that of a girl, around my age. She had short brown hair and she was quite pretty under her sand beaten exterior. Her head was turned to one side, obviously talking to someone else of screen as I came in, but when I shut the door she snapped her head round to face me. Her eyes fixed on me and she gave me a puzzled look.
“Where’s Solar?” She asked as I sat down.
“Dead,” I said. Arcade Angel only ever talked to whoever was leader at the time. I’d only ever seen her once before and we didn’t hit off that well. She shrugged and sighed.
“I’m sorry for your loss,” She said in a tone that told me she wasn’t, “but we have much bigger things to worry about now. You know the EYE unit in the middle of Jago?”
“Yes.” I could tell where this was going.
“We need it destroyed. We’re going to be attempting a big move against AbInc in Zone’s 4 and 5 and most of the surveillance information goes through that place, so we need it offline.” She said in an off-hand manner, as if it was the easiest thing in the world. “Can you do it?”
I didn’t answer. I was fed up of her giving us these supposedly important missions and then not caring when one of us dies. I decided to go on the offensive.
“You know, I’ve just been in Jago. We saw Chaos Trail. He was killed by Zane because he knew something about you.”
“Well that was nice of him.” She said dismissively. “Now are you going to do it or not.”
“Why don’t you do it yourself? Every time we do one of these missions for you, one of us gets ghosted.”
“I can’t because I’m busy doing other things in other Zones.” She said angrily. “I assume that you aren’t going to do it.”
“Yes, I will.” I said reluctantly. “But only because I’ve got a score to settle with Zane. After this I’m not doing anything for you. Is that clear.”
“Yes.” She looked very unhappy about it. “But you will hear from me again.”
“I doubt it.” I said as I switched the screen off. I had a feeling that I was going to regret getting myself into this.