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Glad you like it.

Now, some unfinished business. As I have finished my edits to the two winning designs for my Solaria contest that finished on Monday, I shall now post up the group shot. Massive credit and thanks to Blue Blazer and NHA247 for giving me such awesome designs to incorporate into the group.

Purple- Centauri (Trust)
A member of a highly emotionally sensitive race from the 6th sector, Lain Mal has always known who to trust and who not to. She can tell by sight if a stranger has good or ill intentions, but she often trusts unconditionally, hoping that she can persuade those who wish her ill to change. Her trusting nature drew the Centauri Solarian entity to her at a young age and she was raised and tutored by Epsilon, whom she trusts more than anyone else.

Yellow- Andromeda (Joy)
Born on a planet in the 42nd sector, on a planet of stunning beauty and amazing wildlife, Kal Manet was an explorer and a thrill seeker, one who loved to live life to the full. However, she was gravely injured during one of her many fool hardy exploits, but her life was saved by the Solarian entity, Andromeda, who sensed in her great joy. It offered to show her the stars and even greater wonders that she could not imagine, which Kal quickly accepted.

Orange- Carin (Humility)
Vova Vevu is and was one of the greatest gladiator champions from his home world. He was undefeated for years and years, which gave him a serious complex, even betting on his fights, making him rich. This continued until he pretty much had his head handed to him by some opponent who was way better to him. He was seriously put out of commission from the coliseum, the only life he’d ever known. Now gravely injured, he was forced to go out and live amongst those who had watched him fight, having lost all of his money on his last fight. However he found the people he was now forced to live with welcoming and friendly, even though he would not have given them a second glance when he was wealthy. His experience humbled him, drawing the Solarian, Carin, to him. Using the Solarians power, he pledged to aid those who had shown him that life was not all about winning.

White- Epsilon (Hope)
The oldest of the current Solarians, seemingly immortal. No-one quite knows what race Epsilon belongs to, where he is from or what his real name is. He trains all new Solarians and is the most adept at using his power, able to open portals to any sector of space. It is said that there have been very few white Solarians, and that all are still alive, their power just passed from one to the next. The greatest legends of the Solaria centre around the white light of hope, for it is said that if the holder dies it shall bring about the end of the universe.

Red- Tucana (Rage)
A member of a brutish race of aliens known for their violent natures, RAM always stood out as the most destructive. He killed many during his time on his home planet, decimating whole villages. In the end, he was exiled from his home planet, set adrift in the cosmos. During his exile he was captured by scientists, who studied him and discovered a rare dysfunction in his brain that caused his insatiable appetite for violence. However his captivity just made RAM more angry, until he eventually broke free and slaughtered the scientists. It was at the moment that the last scientist took his last breath that RAM was discovered by the Rage Solarian, unleashing his worst onto the universe.

Blue- Orion (Courage)
Constantly bullied at school and at home, by an alcoholic and violent father, Matt Stewart always knew he had to stand up for the weak, because no-one else will. His courageous act of saving a young woman from being mugged and killed by three armed gang members, an act which saw him hospitalised, drew the Orion Solarian to him. However, it also brought Odite, an energy draining alien. Matt managed to defeat Odite, a feat for even an experienced Solarian to be proud of, and now stands as the newest member of a line of the bravest beings ever to have lived, the blue Solarians.

Green- Cygnus (Compassion)
Lut Muk Nar once had a family and a home. A member of a highly empathic race, Lut was a doctor and a father, he devoted his life to helping others. However, his home planet was invaded, his family slaughtered and himself captured. However, Lut’s compassion did not waver, instead he helped the wounded and sick amongst his captors, drawing the Solarian of Compassion, Cygnus, to him, freeing him and allowing him to aid anyone in the universe who needs his compassion.

Black- Corvus (Greed)
A theif, murderer and con-man, Talad Thiis is a wanted man in virtually every sector of the galaxy. His greed is legendary, he will kill for even a credit, so when he heard that the holder of the Generosity Solarian was in his sector, he had to have it. He killed the Solarian, stealing and corrupting the entity and taking its power for himself. He now travels the galaxy as Corvus, taking anything he wants and enslaving those he meets, to serve him as his empire grows.

Pink- Procyon (Love)
Coming from a planet whose people live in a highly communal society, Yana Eron lived a perfect life for pretty much all of her life. Living within a very closely knit family group, she grew up knowing only love. She even had the perfect marriage, that is until her city was attacked by a vicious wave of space pirates, who slaughtered all of the inhabitants but her. She survived by hiding away in the sewage plant. Her love kept her strong and drew the Solarian Procyon to her. She has now found a new family amongst the Solarians and is learning to cope with her grief, spreading love through out the universe.

Silver- Vela (Doubt)
The most mysterious of the Solarians, the silver Vela are wanderers. Often chosen from solitary species, the Solarians who wield this power are gifted the ability of foresight. However, they always see two possibilities instead of one definite future, meaning their prophecies are always clouded in doubt.