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Thanks Scatman.

Team shots now.

The elements whose spirits have the most heroic natures. Led by the holder of the orb of fire, they act in defence of the earth, protecting it from the forces that wish to destroy it.

The team whose orb spirits are less inclined towards being heroic. Whilst they do still defend the world like team light, they do it in their own way, sometimes leading them in to conflict with their opposite numbers.

I have to make a quick apology to Vampyrist. I didn’t use your face from the heads- winners bit, I took inspiration from your cover picture on deviant art. Your expression didn’t really fit the description you’d given me, I hope it’s ok as it is.

As with all of my series, critique is much welcomed. What do you like, what don’t you like, who is your favourite, e.t.c.

I’ll be back later with some Solarians for your inspection.