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Thanks AMS, I’m going through most of my characters (mostly in group shots, cause I’m good at them) and redoing them with the tips you gave me on shading.
And on that note, a recent redesign of The Protectors (Version 2/ V2)

Backstory- The year is 2057; the world is now a puppet state for a race of aliens called the Surilins. Watched over by the all seeing eye, the people of earth are forced to mine resources for the Surilins war against the Costrilians. The President, John Dawson, is just a puppet, and his administration silences anyone who speaks out, using vicious Robotic killers (Robohunters) and super powered freaks to police the streets. Anyone with powers are hunted down and terminated, although some (like Mr E and Captain) have started helping the administration track down “non conformers”. The old police forces have been dispensed of and replaced by Robohunters.
In this bleak world, there is one beacon of hope. An underground super powered rebel group known as V2. Set up by old superheroes (many of whom have now been terminated) and lead by the son of the Protectors’ member, The Titan, they fight the administration in any way possible. They lead attacks on administration prison camps, freeing the prisoners. But their time is running short.

You can find the profiles here-
I’ll put up team shots of the original Protectors team and the second one (after I completely redid them) after I’ve done the shading.