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And to finish off this series, here’s the group shot

As with each of my character series, critiques are encouraged, what do you like, what don’t you like, what improvements can be made?

Also, I will be starting a new series of characters based loosely on an idea me and a mate had about two years ago. A group of ten ordinary people who are given the spirits of ten great elemental beings trapped in orbs. These orbs give the ten people the power to control one of these ten elements, whilst still looking like normal people. But I thought I’d throw this out there. Does anyone want to be included in this series. Either as themselves or a character they’ve created specifically for the series. I need people to take the orbs of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Electricity, Ice, Metal, Light and Darkness, I’m keeping the final orb for myself. I’m not expecting anyone to take me up on this but if you are interested PM me or comment below, including either a character design text file (headshot/faces only please, I’ll sort out the rest) and a short summary of the character (how their personality fits their element). I will be fleshing these out a bit but it would be nice to have other peoples input.