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“The problem with the Veil is that they don’t understand life. They observe the lower species from their void, but they only interact with them when they have no other choice. Even then, the Circle never venture to the mortal plain, they leave it to the lower Veil like myself. So you wonder why the Veil would believe that it is justified to allow omnicide to save one reality? They see it much like you would see a nest of ants just before you sprayed the bug spray. And I could see this for what it was. Pointless. In all my many eons of interaction with living beings I have come to see life as a wonder, not just something that exists as an incidental by-product of a system that must be maintained. I spoke against the Circle and I went beyond the bounds of my duties, even defying direct instruction from the Circle. And for that I was banished to the mortal plain,. That is when I chose my name. Sempi, from the latin for eternal. Because as long as the Veil continue to threaten life, I will be here to oppose them.”