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Thanks guys. That thing was a pain to make, because the wings at the beginning and end are stop-motion animated, within heromachine. So basically for the wings to rise and lower like they do I had to move each item that made up the wing (8 or so wing items plus the masked colour fade) by one degree of rotation and one place on the move tool. So it was; rotate by one, move by one, export, rotate by one, move by one, export. It ended up being 97 exports I had to do (that was just the beginning because the end is the same exports in reverse sequence) so if you take into account that each of those exports had around 50-70 layers and there’s 97 of them, plus all the exports that make up the colour fade and the original Rainbow Angel, I think I might have broken the ten thousand layer mark for one creation, which has to be a record. When you think about it, its no surprise that when I sat down to work out how long it had taken me to do, the eventual number came out at around 150 hours, or around 5 days if I didn’t need to eat, sleep or do anything else what so ever.
@AMS- Technically that bit isn’t heromachine. The water effect and colour transitions were both done in Adobe After Effects. I stumbled across the water effect by accident and then I messed about with it and it all just came together like that.

Anyway, now that that is all out of the way, here’s something else new for you. It’s strange where inspiration strikes. This one just sort of happened whilst I was listening to remixes of Michael Jackson songs. It has nothing to do with any of the songs I was listening to, but it’s just the feeling I got from the songs, ’cause that’s how my mind works.