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And now: Leviathan

The demon lord in charge of the 6th level of hell, he watches over the envious, all of whom have had their eyes sewn shut as punishment for their sin. He is the second most powerful of the demon lords and is known also as a Prince of Hell, an honour only bestowed upon Lucifer, the lord of Pride, of all other lords and the Fallen Angel, Abbadon. He was once an angelic being like the Holy Knights, but he became envious of them and plotted their downfall. For his treachery, Michael, the leader of the Knights, threw him out of the angelic kingdom, into the darkness. However, during his time in the darkness, he atracted many damned spirits, who he used to create himself a new body with which he could challenge Michael. This new form, a giant dragon, was trapped in a prison underneath the ocean, by the Holy Knights and he now watches the surface world, waiting to be freed on the apocalypse.