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The Protectors:
Mage, Anelle and Stinger

Code Name: Mage
Real Name: Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Pendragon
Power Source: Sorcery
Powers: Magic
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current, Inactive Member), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family: Lancelot (Father, deceased), Guinevere Pendragon (Mother, Deceased),
Arthur Pendragon (Nominal Father, Deceased), Anelle (Partner, alien)
Notes: Earths highest ranking sorcerer/sorceress. Magically immortal. Served with distinction during the Armageddon Crisis.
Status: Inactive.

Code Name: Anelle
Real Name: Anelle
Power Source: Alien Physiology
Powers: Environmental Empathy, Enviromental Manipulation, Teleportation (short distance)
Allegiances: The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current, Inactive Agent)
Known Family/ Relationships: Guinevere ‘Gwen’ Pendragon (Partner, Mage)
Notes: Extraterrestrial. Extremely long-live. Arrived on Earth via crashed spacecraft over 100 years ago. Founding member of The New Protectors.
Status: Active

Code Name: Stinger
Real Name: Jamie Walters
Power Source: Mental Mutation, Power Harness
Powers: Technopath, Technokinetic, Enhanced Strength/ Speed/ Jumping Power (Power Harness)
Allegiances: The Angels (Defunct), The New Protectors (Current), S.H.A.R.P* (Current)
Known Family: Steven Walters (Father, deceased), Diana Walters (Mother, deceased), Yasmin Walters (Sister), Wallis Peters (Partner, Blackstar)
Notes: Lost use of both her legs in the car accident that killed her parents. Reliant on her self made power harness for the ability to walk. Brought in to the New Protectors to replace Gideon Mantel as their technical support. Founding member of The New Protectors.
Status: Active