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Grigori/ Gregory Stanton

One of the concubines of the demon lord Asmodeus, Grigori escaped hell with the help of the angel Zadkiel. He ventured to the human world and took a human form, calling himself Gregory Stanton, and attempted to atone for his sins as a demon, in repayment for Zadkiel’s aid. At first the human world confused and frightened him, but he grew to care for the humans and their world, beginning to understand emotions other than hatred and anger. During his time as a human, he met Minerva Thomas and fell in love, eventually siring her child. However, just after his daughter was born, Asmodeus came for him. In order to protect those he loved he returned willingly. Due to this act of love, Asmodeus can not fully control him, as his sins are fading away. His human form has the appearance of a man in his late twenties, even after many years after appearing in the human world. This is because demons age much slower than humans.