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12th and final Zodiac- Catura The Dog

Matthew Roberts, the host chosen by the Zodiac Spirit of the Dog and the youngest member of the zodiac team, being only 16 years old. An avid horror and sic-fi fan, he ran away from home when he first became Catura’s host, believing he was a werewolf. He was the first of the current hosts to be found by the Jade Emperor, but was saved by Indra. Catura is very friendly and loyal, as well as being a good listener. He has a very strong moral compass and will act as the teams conscience if any members make plans that could endanger innocents. He looks up to the older members of the zodiac team, but often they don’t take him seriously, especially Sandilya the Rooster and Anila the Dragon, who think he is too young and too inexperienced to be a good fighter.

There’ll be a group shot up in a few, but as with the Association Of Amazing Alumni, I request critique on this team. Who’s people fave, what works well, what doesn’t, that sort of thing. I like to know how I can improve.