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The Association Of Amazing Alumni

File 6-
Name: Professor Sandford Quest
Profession: Scientist, Criminologist, Private Investigator
Skills: Scientific Knowledge, Criminology, Invention, Hypnosis Expert, Athletics, Hand-to-Hand Combat
Further Information: A criminologist and scientific detective who uses a wide variety of gadgets of his own invention, including an “electric mind-reader,” a viewphone, a pocket bomb made of a super-powerful explosive, and a “pocket wireless telephone,” to fight against crime. Quest is also an expert in hypnosis. He is athletic, an exceptional fighter and extremely brave and level headed. He is described as, “the greatest master in criminology the world has ever known.” The last member of the Association of Amazing Alumni to be recruited, he has worked with both Sexton Blake and The Leopard Woman on cases previously.

That’s the last of the Association. Now you guys can guess who’s going to be the villain. Hint- Public Domain Villains and the team where assembled to avert trouble in the Far East.