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The Association Of Amazing Alumni

File 5-
Name: Countess Lujza Miklos
Also Known As: The Leopard Woman
Profession: Spy (ex-German Government, Current MI5)
Skills: Espionage, Expert Aim, Fluent in 3 Languages/ Semi Fluent in many others.
Further Information: Countess Lujza Miklos, also knonw as The Leopard Woman, is a Hunagarian woman who worked as a spy for the German government. She speaks English, German and Hungarian with perfect fluency, and many African and Far Eastern languages with semi-fluency, though slight inconsistencies make it clear that English was not her native language. She is very clever and ruthless and usually carries a gun. She fell in love with rival agent John Culbertson, who she was sent to delay, and eventually abandoned her mission to marry him. She was approached by Sexton Blake to become the espionage specialist of the Association of Amazing Alumni, which she accepted, as the lure of a new adventure was to much for her to refuse.