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Thanks guys. Here you go, the next one.

The Association Of Amazing Alumni

File 4-
Name: Adam
Also Known As: Frankenstein’s Monster
Profession: None
Skills: Brute Strength, High Intelligence
Further Information: Originally created by the scientist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein sometime in the early 19th century, in Geneva, Switzerland. Frankenstein originally gave life to the creature using a secret method that combined modern science with medieval alchemy. Upon the successful completion of his experiment, Frankenstein became horrified by his own creation and quickly abandoned it. Alone, frightened and unaware of it’s own origin, the monster began wandering the wilderness. It learnt speech from observing people from a distance. It’s travels during the time it was last seen in Switzerland and it’s reappearance in London are not widely known, but it now lives in the sewer system of London, trying to find a being that doesn’t flee at the site of it. It often attacks criminals, especially those who seek to harm women. Although perceived to be a brutish unintelligent being, many close-up eye-witness reports suggest it to be of a great intelligence, learned in both English and German, although due to it’s partially decomposed state, the monster does have trouble pronouncing various words.