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The Association Of Amazing Alumni

File 3-
Name: Erik Fantome
Also Known As: The Phantom Of The Opera
Profession: None
Skills: Illusionist, Trap Making, Swordsmanship, Pianist and Singer
Further Information: Born in a small town outside of Rouen, France, Erik Fantome was born with a hideous disfigurement. His mother, unable to bear his appearance, abandoned him. His father, a master mason, never even met him. As a boy, Erik ran away and falls in with a band of Gypsies, making his living as an attraction in freak shows, where he is known as “le mort vivant” (“the living death”). During his time with the tribe, Erik becomes a great illusionist, magician, and ventriloquist. Eventually he comes to reside in the Paris Opera House, making a home for himself amongst the catacombs underneath it and the rafters above it, where he watches the performances and tutors himself in music, sword-fighting and the art of creating traps and snares. He is saught out by Sexton Blake to become part of the Association of Amazing Alumni.