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Thanks for the feedback Weilyn. I’ve changed the briefs now.
Whilst I’m finishing off the still unnamed villain, how about something with a little bit more colour.


When Matt Stewart, also known as the superhero Orion, lost control of the Solaria entity inhabiting him and turned into a engine of fear, the other Solarians called in Maria Langley, Stewarts lover, to try and calm him down. In his confused and fearful state Stewart killed her and his remorse freed his mind from the fear. He combined the separate Solaria entities for the first time in billions of years and used them to revive Maria. The entities split again, returning to their hosts once Maria was revived, but she became empowered by having the entire Solaria inside her body, becoming Solara. Able to call upon the powers of any of the Solaria entities, she is the embodiment of life in a universe full of death.