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Sorry for the bout of inactivity lately guys. I got a job this week (an actual job. You know, the kind that sucks), so I haven’t had much time to work on finishing the Lili and Danni stories or work on anything new. Also I’m going to be going on holiday this coming Tuesday, so I won’t have internet access for a week. This won’t affect the posting of the contests, I can schedule them before I go, but I won’t be able to post the results of next weeks poll or chose the finalists for the following weeks poll, though hopefully Kaldath will be able to find the time to sort that out for me. It also means that I’m going to miss the Doctor Who season premier, which sucks. So y’all can expect the first JReview of Doctor Who season 8 a bit later on than planned.
Anyway, I’ve noticed this page doesn’t actually have any art on it yet. So, to rectify that, have an art.
It is only a stop gap thing, but I like it.
JR out.