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Final member of Justice Guard and the replacement for Fix after he was kicked out of the group, Amazon.

Profile: Matt Lannock was a scientist working on recreating the Golden Guardian serum for the military alongside his research partner Walt Oliver and his teen age daughter Victoria (Tori). One day there was an accident at the lab and the trio were exposed to an untested version of their experiment. Amazingly it didn’t have any adverse effects on them, instead bestowing them all with super strength. However, as the formula was unfinished, they need to be intravenously pumped with the serum to keep their strength. After an argument with Oliver, Lannock decided to use his serum to fight crime, becoming Goliath Man, and taking on Tori as his sidekick, Goliath Girl. After many years serving as sidekick to her father, Tori decided to step out from his shadow and pursue her own super heroics career as Amazon. Tutored in hand- to hand combat by Golden Guardian, instructed in weapon combat by Eagle, instructed in mechanics by Stinger and supplied with super serum by her father, Amazon is now arguably the greatest all-round fighter in the world. It also helps that she was a child genius, able to help with her fathers scientific experiments by 11 years old.