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@Jeimuzu- Why were you worried? It’s not like I was gonna come out and say “nope, I absolutely hate them, they’re terrible and I regret asking you to do them” was it? ;) I’m not that cruel. Plus they genuinely are awesome.
@Stulte- Thanks dude. I was hoping the analysis stuff wasn’t too convoluted, considering I thought up most of it right before I fell asleep the previous night and didn’t get a chance to write it down. I was literally there for an hour working all this stuff out and turning it into something that made some sort of sense, from a very sleepy memory. So I’m glad you like it. I was also going to include a random facts thing as well, but I thought all of them up before I fell asleep as well and all I could remember the next day is that Lili is allergic to cats. So, the moral of that story is children; always have a note pad and pencil near your bed, because all the best ideas come right before you go to sleep.