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Thanks guys.
It turns out I won’t be as busy as I thought I was going to be now, so I will have a bit of free time. Unfortunately, I’ve been trying out some of the ideas I previously mentioned and I can’t get them to work. So, what I’m going to do is two things. Firstly, I’m gonna take a little break to get some inspiration back. Secondly, I’m gonna open the floor to you guys. Do you guys have any ideas for what I can do next? It can be Lili and Danni related, or if you have seen something earlier on in my gallery that you’d like to see me redesign. Or, if you’ve got a character of your own that you want me to do my own take on, I’d be open to that.
But yeah, unless someone comes up with a good idea, I can’t see myself posting a lot for a while.