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Thanks guys. I was hoping that bit would work. I basically just ad libed that entire interview, so it’s no surprise it went weird half way through.
Anyway, we’ve heard from Lili, so now it’s Danni’s turn.

And next up we have Danni. Hi Danni.

Danni: Hello. How are you today?

Not bad thank you. Anyway, first question. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Danni: Well, I was born in Brighton, but I now live with Lili up in London. My Dad was a GP and my Mum worked in an office. I have 2 sisters, Stacy and Zoe, they’re twins, I’m the oldest. I work as a waitress but I also write novels. I’ve not got any published at the moment, but I’m still trying, sending them to publishers. Nothing happens if you don’t try right?

Indeed. You said you had younger twin sisters. What was your relationship like with them when you were growing up? I’d imagine you would have found it hard to get away with anything, what with there being two of them and only one of you?

Danni: Not really, we got on pretty well. I know Lili and her brother have their sibling rivalry, but me and my sisters weren’t really like that. I suppose it’s because we’re all girls, we grew up liking the same sort of things. It doesn’t mean we didn’t argue, or that we still don’t, but we’re pretty close. They do sometimes do stupid things that I don’t understand, especially Zoe, she is a complete idiot when it comes to guys, but that’s just them. I still love them and I wouldn’t change them. Well, not that much anyway.

What about your parents? How was your relationship with them?

Danni: Well, there’s no heart-break story if that’s what you’re asking. We’re a pretty normal family really. My Dad was a bit strict, and what with him being a doctor and all, he was a stickler for us eating healthily and staying healthy. He always seemed to know if we’d sneak bought a bar of chocolate on the way home from school when we weren’t supposed to. But he wasn’t ever harsh on us, and he had a great sense of humor. He introduced me to the greatest TV show of all time, Faulty Towers, after all. My Mum wasn’t as strict, but she had her ways of making us do what she wanted us to do. We knew that if we did something wrong, we could bluff Dad about it, but Mum was a bit harder to fool.

How did your parents react when you came out?

Danni: I can’t say they weren’t a bit disappointed, but they were pretty cool with it. I mean Brighton is pretty well known for it’s gay scene so it’s not like they could afford to be bigoted about it, especially my Dad in his job. So it wasn’t too bad.

Cool, do you mind if we move on to a more personal question?

Danni: Ok, I guess.

Why do you love Lili? Don’t take this the wrong way, but you 2 are quite different. What holds you together as a couple?

Danni: You’re right, we are quite different on the surface. To be honest, when me and Lili first became friends, I didn’t think a relationship between us would work because we seemed so different. But I think that a successful relationship needs difference as much as it needs similarities.

So what similarities do you and Lili have that make you so compatible as a couple?

Danni: We’re both really passionate about what we do. Don’t let Lili’s lackadaisical attitude fool you, she is hugely enthusiastic about her art, maybe even more than I am about my writing. And I can’t help but admire that and love that about her. But that’s not all. Whenever I feel down, she’s always there for me. She looks after me and I try to be there for her when she needs me. She might not show it, but under all that bravado and her appearance of not caring, she has the same sort of insecurities I do, that fear of what other people think of you, we just have different ways of dealing with it. While I can be a bit withdrawn, and I’ll admit it, Lili puts on this out-going, cheerful front. But she’s let her guard down for me, and I’ve seen who she really is. She puts on this air of not caring, but I can see how much she does care, not just about herself, but others as well, and I love that about her. I guess that is why I love her. I don’t know what else to really say.

Don’t worry, I think you’ve said enough. And I do believe that wraps up this portion of the Q&A.

Danni: Ok, do you want me to go get Lili now?

If you could that’d be helpful. You can’t answer the next set of questions without both of you here. Well, I guess you could, but it’d be less interesting.

Danni: Ok, I’ll be back in a second.

Oh and y’all may be interested in what is included in the next/ last part of this CQ&A. I’ll put it this way, it’s only three questions, but they are BIG ones. ;)