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@Herr D- Not sure about how exactly the hair/ clothes thing is meant to work. I like the idea of a pet looking at them, that could be feasible, if hugely fiddly. I had to look up the song you referenced, I’m not all that up on INXS tbh.
@Stulte- I know, it’s annoying that I can’t find a way to make her look more relaxed. I may have to do major tinkering to get that to work. The main thing I think I’d need to change is the left hand, that looks the most awkward. Thanks for the complements also, I do try.

Anyway, whilst I’m working on the Morning pic, have something I threw together in about half an hour. I got a little flash of inspiration and managed to get a sunset picture with two figures watching the scenery. No prizes for guessing the two characters in the pic though, even if they are in silhouette.


Just a quick note, if anyone else want to have a go at doing Lili and Danni, I’d love to see it. I love seeing other peoples interpretations of my characters, it really helps with the inspiration (just go back to the earlier pages of this thread, back when I used to have a redesign contest in the Art Contests And Challenges section).