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@LPR- Cheers dude
@Herr D- That made me laugh and I can totally visualise it, but I highly doubt I could put down the picture I have in my head on Heromachine.

Anyway, I need to ask y’all for advise again on yet another duo shot of Lili and Danni that I’m working on whilst I try to figure out what I’m gonna do for Danni’s solo pic. As with The Kiss, I’m mostly happy with their poses, it’s just the peripheries. For reference, it’s a birds eye view shot, the bits that are greyed out are the room walls and on the final piece there will be a window on the side wall letting light into the room (and obviously there will be shading). But at the moment I need help filling it out, because I can’t do the carpet the way I did it in the last picture because the perspective is screwed up and I think the pic looks a bit empty as it is.

Also if you want to make suggestions for improvements on the characters in the pic, go ahead. All input is highly welcome.
Also, I may end up making the pic a widescreen showing the whole room, so that would include stuff like wardrobes and a computer desk, maybe a vanity (that’ll be fun to design *said unenthusiastically*). So if y’all want to suggest other random clutter that I can include, that would help.