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And again, this time Star-Girl

As a teenager, Lucy Falkner came into contact with a fragment of a recently crash meteorite, contaminated with an experimental extraterrestrial serum, which gave her super powers. When her father, a struggling publicist and PR man, learnt of this he decided to make his daughter an international superstar by making her a superhero. After a public fight with Amun-Ra in Times Square, he called a press conference to announce Super-Star to the world. Super-Star would soon become a hire hero, with her father taking a large percentage of the commission and becoming very rich in the process. With her father now controlling every aspect of her life, including who she was friends with and what she ate, Lucy began to dream of a life without her father. She would later find a legal way out of her fathers control with the aid of Gold Hawk’s civilian I.D, corporate lawyer Lance Walker, and she joined Walker in The Watchman’s Justice Guard team as Star-Girl.
Her powers include the ability to control cosmic energy, projecting it in blasts or manipulating it to give her super-strength or the ability to fly.