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Thanks guys.
Now that I finally seem to have stopped barfing my guts up, I can do some more stuff. Typical isn’t it, haven’t been sick in about a year and as soon as I get home for the Easter break I get bed-ridden for a week with what appeared to be the most aggressive food poisoning known to mankind. Either way, gave me an opportunity to start reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman, which for my sins I haven’t read before. All I can say is, I loved the guy before because of his work on The Sandman and the two Doctor Who episodes he wrote and I love him even more now.
Anyway, new stuff, knew I was forgetting something.


“The Veil have to be answerable to something, otherwise what would be the point of their existence? They exist as punishment, so there has to be jailer, something to keep them to their task and to release those who serve their time. That is The Lady. Above even The Circle, all Veil are answerable to her. Whilst the Circle are the organisation and enforcement, giving instruction and dealing punishment, The Lady is the final word. Only she can release a Veil from its service. She is what we all dream of, but can never have.” Gade

Oh, by the way, if I don’t get round to writing the story I’ve been creating all these characters for, y’all have my permission to kick my arse until I do. So many ideas for this thing and I haven’t put any of them down yet. I’ll put that down to being sick for the moment, but I need to start doing it otherwise it’ll go west like so many of my other bright ideas.