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Mad Jack

@HK (and everybody who cares):

Well, there have always been “good” people and “bad” people – the only problem is that then again the world isn’t just black and white, and you have to learn to deal with the many gray areas. Sure, the world is full of morons – but there are also many people who stand up against them. And believe me – I speak from experience.

Working every Thursday in a voluntary capacity at the food bank in my town, I encounter any sort of human behaviour on a regular basis. There are those people who spend all their energy to help others wherever possible and expect in return nothing but a little respect and maybe an occasional smile, the people who really appreciate that help, and the people who take this help for granted and treat you accordingly ungrateful. And of course there are also those people who bitch and moan about the necessary of that help in principle – along the lines of “why doesn’t they go working” or “all these asylum seekers come along and carry on as if they were at home”. That’s the point when it becomes disgusting to myself, but why upset yourself?

I do it not for these muppets, nor to feel somehow superior, but because it gives me the feeling of giving back (and yes, sometimes maybe even the selfish satisfaction of doing something for my karma). Thankfully I’m not the only one with this mindset, because the day people stop to help each other is the day the world really goes down the drain.

I’m not sure if I’m expressing myself understandable (especially in English) and I’m sure not looking for your tribute when I write this, but I am of the opinion that mutually help should go without saying and if you expect respect you have to show it yourself. So next time when you see somebody standing on the road with heavy shopping bags (it doesn’t matter whether it’s an old woman or a young guy), why not just go and ask if you can help. It’s the small gesture that makes a start and sometimes it’s already enough to lend an ear to somebody to help him.



@ JR: Wonderful piece of art! I think the pain of masking was really worth it…