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Ok, lets drag this thing out of it’s temporary hiatus. Well, in a way anyway. This post is more an update and a bit of filler, because I’ve got something big coming. For the last month or so I’ve been doing something big for my uni course involving Heromachine and yesterday I finished it. It may have taken a combined 120 hours, there or there a-bouts, but I’ve finally got it done. So where is it I don’t actually hear you say because I’m on a computer so I can’t hear anything you guys are saying, but I digress. Thing is, as I said, it’s for uni and I don’t know if I’m allowed to post it anywhere until it’s actually been formally presented, which will be next Tuesday. It’s really annoying because I’m so excited for this thing, it’s easily the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted and the most fun I’ve had at uni. But you guys should get to see it either next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on what happens on Tuesday and how long presentations take and all that stuff. Apart from that, other stuff that’s been going on. Well those of you who follow me on deviantart will be aware that I’m trying to start up a cartoon reviews page called JRreviews (you can go to my deviantart page if you want to check out my rambles, a link should be in the most recent journal post), so catching up on stuff I want to review for that has been taking up a lot of time, I may end up posting some of the full series reviews on the blog here when I cover something that I feel may be suitable or that people here may be interested in. Also I do believe that my deviantart page recently hit 13,000 page views, which I think (I can’t be sure because I can only check the other ‘machiner’s I know have deviantart pages) makes me the most viewed heromachiner on deviantart, though not the one with the most watchers because that’s AMS (or Smitty309 as he’s known there), which is pretty incredible. I know a lot of guys from the community have less than 1000 page views on there, so I’ll see if I can try and get something together to try and boost up their page views because I’m certainly not the one most deserving of that sort of attention. So yeah, hopefully get something going there.
I think that’s about it. Sorry for the long ramble. I’ll see y’all sometime middle of next week. God I really can’t wait for you lot to see this thing. Laugh
JR out.