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A very strange Visitor from another world,one day Dar-kor came to Earth in a small ship and declared himself a hero for Earth calling himself Captain Alienman.

Two things became very clear,One he was very serious about being a Superhero and Two he apparently was influence by cartoon and movie Superheroes based on his super suit and the way he talks and acts even to the point of developing a alterego,as a mild mannered reporter who dose get a job as a reporter for a newspaper,as writer for a piece called “Alien at large” giving a view of Earth from a Alien point of view.

He has gain a small group of human friends who humor him and act as if “Darry Kord” (his alter ego) is a separate person from Captain Alienman,which may be the case because he may be suffering from an Alien version of multiple personalities.

His powers are either natural or artificial created but include the basics great strength,flight,super speed,he and his suit can absorb great damage,he has enhance reflexes and can shot powerful bolts of energy from his fingertips.

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