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Real Name: Mark Core

Hero Name: The Bounty Hunter

Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Weapons speciallist, Good with Guns and melee weapons.

Race: Human

Bio: Mark Core is an ex military spec ops soldier. One day while driving home he discovered blood on the door step he ran inside in shock to see his wife and his child in a pool of blood he called the police but that didn’t help at all there was no clues. Mark knew whoever did this had to be well trained and a professional to do this type of work. Mark realized if the Police couldn’t do something he had to so he decided to do whatever it takes to find the killer he made a suit and got weapons from his stash from the military and got a mask he looked at himself and called himself, ” The bounty hunter”. After two years of work to find who did this he finally did his name was Jack Bems he busted open the door and the look on his face was so astonishing he said, “jack?” he looked up and tried to run but Mark chopped of his leg with his blade. Jack was his ex military partner he was in he is squad. Now Mark took jack to the basement and said instead of me taking you to the the cops I’m gonna handle you my way, he cut his eyes out and chopped his thumbs Jack said I’m SORRY IM SORRY over and over but it did not matter. Since that day Mark has helped with millions of unsolved cases.