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Real Name: Rokasha

Hero Name: The Planet Hunter

Abilities: Flight,Super Speed, Telekinesis, Mimciry (absorption)

Race: Unknown

Bio: Rokasha is not a hero at all! What she does is goes around and absorbs planets and fills herself with them to give her power. It all started when the US government grabbed a baby Alien and raised her and watched her grow. One day while the government was training her she asked for a break, She went inside the lab and found this needle dosed with some sort of a purple liquid she took the needle and put it in her she fell on the floor in pain not making a sound. Minutes later she woke up and felt different she went back to the training faculty and opened the door as soon as she touched the door it absorbed right into her skin. A Government soldier witnessed what happened in amazement and yelled, “SHE TOOK THE DOSE” Then all the soldiers had her surrounded with guns pointing at her she picked up her hand and suddenly… everyone in the faculty was floating then she dropped it and everyone just fell. BOOM she busted open a wall and Jumped to space. 4 Years later nasa discovered planets going missing and in one of a destroyed Space Ship there black box recorded Rokasha absorbing these planets.