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@Herr D said:

As to those arms, from your description of the culture? I would say small, magical amulets tied on with leather thongs.
Your pic with the horns? I think you’ve done fine with everything, but I want to know about the horns! Did they originate from cultures that lock horns or just hammer? That might say something interesting about the way they developed culturally.

Amulets? On the arms? Wouldn’t that potentially get in the way of swinging whatever weapon I give her?

As for the Grendemoth (I assume you’re talking about that), they don’t really have a culture. They’re an engineered race, created by a ritual performed by druids for a long-dead nation to serve as guardians of that nation. While the nation didn’t last long enough to make use of the Grendemoths, the druids which created them outlasted the nation itself, thus allowing the ritual to complete. Since then, individual Grendemoths have sort of assimilated (mostly as second-class citizens) into whatever society they find themselves in. The particular Grendemoth in the picture belongs to a nation based mostly on a combination of ancient Mesopotamia and medieval India.