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Another request for help from the community; this time, I’m trying to design not a character, but a race. I already have the race statted out and flavored – they’re an insectoid race characterized by incredible toughness and good reflexes (and that’s REFLEXES, not quickness or agility in general), with not a lot of intelligence or charm. I’ve been trying to draw pictures of the race for a while now, but every picture I draw just comes out… wrong. I’m trying to draw them to be similar to humanoid beetles, but I just can’t get the proportions or anything like that the way I want it; either the race is too thin and doesn’t send the message of a tough race, or they’re so wide it looks ridiculous. I’m especially having trouble designing the torso, both in respect to the torso itself and to the way the torso interacts with the limbs and such. While I don’t have any pictures to upload (I currently have one picture which I haven’t thrown away, and no access to a scanner to upload it with), I would like to mention that I have decided that the race will have segmented eyes, mandible-pincers, antennae, a beetle horn and a proboscis on its face, and it will have vestigial wings which won’t be powerful enough to fly with, but can be used to mimic speech by buzzing, so that the bug people can actually speak despite having a proboscis-type mouth. Also, its arms will be tipped with lobster-like claws, under which would be weak, under-developed hands for finer manipulation.

Any ideas would be appreciated.