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@Hammerknight said:

Would this be any closer. She is a Manimal (Man+Animal) from one of my worlds.

Eh, it’s definitely closer, but not exact, given the plantigrade legs and such…

I don’t mean to be rude, or to make it seem like I don’t appreciate your effort (I appreciate any honest effort at helping me), but I’ve kind of decided to search again on the internet for inspiration for the clothing of this character. As of right now, I think I’ve got the lower body clothing done in a way that I like (granted, it’s quite different from the initial design – the only thing I kept was the longer dress on the side and back), and I’ve seen some decent ideas for the upper body clothing. The difference between the search I did more recently and the search I did when I was first trying to come up with ideas was that I searched specifically on furry art sites for inspiration in the more recent search, whereas before I was using a general search engine.

Once again, I really do appreciate the help you’ve given, though now that the character’s design seems to be going in a different direction than first planned (and one which HM3 won’t be able to do very well), I probably won’t be able to give an actual visual update on the picture until it’s done. If you think you’d still be able to help me without a visual aid as to where I’m going, that’s great, but if you can’t, that’s fine too.