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@Hammerknight said:

Would something like this work for you. Bare arms for that time would have been “skimpy” and the stocking showing would of put it over the top.

Eh… I appreciate your attempt at helping me, but there’s not really much I would apply from your suggestions. Granted, that’s because of the fact that I had neglected to describe the character adequately… The character is a Poruqe, the same race as the character depicted in this previously-posted drawing. Given her fur, having any sort of fishnet-type clothing would be pointless at best and problematic at worst. In fact, her race is the reason I only did the clothing in HM3; it’s kind of hard to clothe people with digitigrade legs in an application designed mostly for plantigrade characters, and there’s no good furry-type body for females yet. I’m basically using HM3 to brainstorm what I’m going to draw in pencil, in case you’re wondering.

As for the cape, that’s another thing I forgot to mention: The types of weapons she prefers to use are the heavy kind which require large objects carried on the back (like the petroleum gel tank that goes with flamethrowers), so the cape would also get in the way.

While your suggestion of bare arms is a good one, I’m not sure how to implement it correctly. I suppose I could make the sleeves shorter than they were in the picture I posted, but I wouldn’t remove them entirely, as that would make the vest look incomplete (assuming I keep the vest).