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Cool concepts, but I have to agree with Livewyre, (two men’s opinions?); the cape is too much with the flag motif. Personally, I would lose the cape and add more color. Even with the Union Jack red included, he’s still dominated by the blue. Add some color to the wrist bands and maybe the boots, too. Kangaroo is very unique and the explanation for the boxing gloves made sense, but it still looks impractical, because I noticed the two holsters strapped to his legs. I’m sure it would involve a bit of masking and creative use of parts, but how about trying to make a pair of kenpo gloves; still padded but fingers are free to grab a gun when needed. With the right coloring the hands you used for Spitfire could look like padded gloves. Try those. London Fog is really cool, solid look and concept. Reminds me of the Golden Age Sandman crossed with Watchmen’s Rorschach. Welcome, and great start.