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It’s one of a couple of designs I’ve been kicking about. Originally I was going to give him camouflage BDU’s and a domed helmet like the cockpit of an aircraft so he more closely resembled his namesake, but I seem to be forever chopping and changing my mind about his costume.

Anyway, here’s another couple of heroes for you. First off, an Aussie who goes by the codename of Kangaroo.

Derek Connelly used to be a fitness instructor before he discovered his powers – along with superhuman strength, speed, agility, reflexes and stamina, he also possess a degree of enhanced durability and the ability to channel his strength through his lower body, which gives him extraordinarily powerful running, leaping and kicking abilities.

He can keep pace with a speeding car by “hopping” at incredible speeds, barely touching the ground before pushing off and literally bouncing along (think of a stone being skimmed along water) or demolish it with a few well-placed kicks or punches. An experienced martial artist, he’s a proficient boxer and kick-boxer, a skilled BASE jumper and an Olympic-level gymnast and athelete. The “tail” of his costume acts as a rudder of sorts to help him keep his balance, and he wears boxing gloves to cushion his hands and prevent serious injury to non-powered opponents – the superhuman force generated by his legs is generally reserved for tougher targets.

And here’s London Fog – another British superhero, but not UN-sanctioned unlike Spitfire and Kangaroo.

Simon Holmes suffers from Asperger Syndrome – although “suffers” is perhaps not the best word. His genius-level intellect, increased mental processing capability, photographic memory, and heightened sensory awareness mean he’s a force to be reckoned with, but his activities are mainly street-level and don’t qualify him as a threat that requires the attention of the superhuman operatives under the British government. A self-styled detective with extensive knowledge of forensic sciences and criminology, he is also a formidable hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, capable of improvising and able to take on numerous foes at once.

Currently, he’s partnered with Welsh superhero The Red Dragon as a crime-fighting duo, but as his partner has quickly learned although he is classified as “high-functioning” on the autism spectrum he can be obfuscatingly logical or literal-minded, and a lack of social empathy means he may have difficulty in understanding someone’s emotions.