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And the Blurb i promised was about Nobodys character the Soveriegn.

Where Am I? Ugh My head…Feels like it was cracked open then sewn back together….awkwardly. What is this place and who do these people think they are staring at? That’s…a good question actually. I can remember the name Moon-Trux, but that name only inspires anger. I can remember a woman, a beautiful woman but not a name. I …was called….OH BLASTED MEMORY WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!…YOU! What is this place?!. What is San Franisco? And what is this metal contraption wailing at me! -Thrash-
What in the?…What are these powers!! WHAT ARE YOU ALL CALLING ME!? A what!? Stop staring. STOP STARING!!! What..what was that? A beam? What in the name of the One!…I am flying!
I have no idea how long its been since that moment when I appeared on that road. Oh what am I? Some sort of monster? NO! I cannot be…Can I? Who or what am I? Wherever I am..I feel like this place is in great danger. Be I monster or man I will relinquish my past in the name of Justice. A name suitable for a man as myself. A name that reminds me of authority remains in my mind. Perhaps I will use this name from my past as my Alias.The Soveriegn.