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And the winner of Round 2 is Herr D for the excellent picture they posted of the scene with the nanomachines. Fair play.

Next we have to include the blurb from the Scatmans selected Character Plague. (link: )
Ever hear of Darkswarm? Infamous around the world? Murderer Extraordinaire? Though so. Well what if I told you there was someone far worse out there than him? You think I’m joking? That this is a lie in an attempt to make you soil your pants at the thought of Darkswarm being the lesser of two or even three evils? Well believe it. See Darkswarm enjoys his work a little too much and that causes problem. Now don’t get me wrong I enjoy my work as much as the next guy, but he enjoys it so much that it becomes…well messy. But look at me I’m rambling. You want to know the Identity of the Executioner Darkswarms better? Well it’s his brother. His brother is far more ruthless and sadistic than Darkswarm but has the class and self control to clean up his messes after himself. You are wondering why you haven’t heard of him. Because the real boogieman is far more fear inducing than that of a reckless fool with katana’s. But I digress. He calls himself Plague and he is perhaps the boogieman of Government officials, mob bosses and leaders. Nobody speaks his name out loud under fear he is around. None has ever seen his face and lived to tell the….Oh what’s that? You want to know how I know all of this. My friend I tell this story to everyone my brother has associated with in the past. Call it sibling rivalry if you will. Has it sunk in yet? Who I am and why I am here?”