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I ment to update this the other day but i ended up getting real busy.

So there’s been a couple of new things with Injustice. First is they made a trailer to explain Harley Quinn’s role. Seems sea had a change of heart and is now a hero. Also they gave a spoiler that Scarecrow makes a cameo in the arkham asylum stage in his Batman arkham asylum game look. It seems there using a lot of the characters from that game.

Now the last is probably the biggest one. They revealed that if you purchase the season pass you will get a bonus 3 flashpoint costumes (Aquamans, Deathstroke an Wonder Woman’s) but also you get 4 exclusive characters to download. Now which characters those are is anyone’s guess, I can only hope it’s Martain manhunter, black canary, Metallo and killer croc. But I’m probably wrong. The season pass is available same time as the game, April 16th.

And again if anyone is goin to be getting this let me know, I’ll be on PS3.