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After being captured and injected with a mysterious serum, Marshall Tomlin discovered his ability to turn anything he touched to stone, as well as the power to give parts of his body increased strength and durability with a thought. His captors were the masterminds behind Project Bishop, an alliance of scientists aspiring to control the United States by creating a super-powered army. They renamed Tomlin “Stone Age” and sent him on top-secret missions that resulted in many casualties. Before they could “create” more than ten, however, Rex Raider (that police officer in one of the above pictures) was able to reverse the brainwashing inflicted upon Tomlin and convince Tomlin to join him. The two then destroyed the Project Bishop headquarters and captured the men behind it. Now, Tomlin is an agent for the good guys, along with Rex Raider and the young Storm Warning.

[Note: This is Tomlin as he appears when under the control of Project Bishop. He looks much different after joining Raider and reclaiming control of himself, so I plan to make an image of him as he currently is.]