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Just a word of caution about this contest. Be very careful to obey our rules about copyright Which i will post below for you to review. I will be watching this topic closely and delete any violations of that rule and possibly close this topic if I see to many violations. I don’t want to. but I will if I have to.

No Copyrighted Material – It is strictly forbidden for you to post any pictures created with Heromachine or similar programs such as Hero-O-Matic of any copyrighted Characters. Also we do not allow the use of copyrighted settings except if such settings are an established and LEGAL RPG or MMO/MMORPG. What this means is that we do not want you placing your SuperHeroes in the Marvel or DC worlds, We do not want to see you creating your own Heralds of Valdemar Fantasy characters etc. When making a characters from a Specific RPG game it MUST be an original character that you have created and can not be an established NPC character from that setting and we would prefer you make mention in your post that it is a RPG/MMO/MMORPG characters of yours. While we understand that this rule many disappoint some of you it is in place for the legal protect of Heromachine and its creator Jeff Hebert.”