Re: How to Highlight/Shade…….



that’s what’s supposed to happen. on the gradient there are colors, on inside an one around it (fading into each other), with the circular border around both. when you first select it, both colors are white, so you cant see where they are. what u need to do is go to the color tab, and make color 1 transparent, using the (i’m not sure what it’s called), labeled “Alpha” in the top right, by dragging the little bar-thingy left (or typing 0 into the number box next to it). change the line color to 0 as well. next you can change the color of color 2 and modify it’s transparency however you like. you might want to change the item’s size (in the Transform tab), as well. i think it says how in another thread. i dont know how to explain that part.

hope this helps.