Re: HOTM Closed


The Atomic Punk

@Hammerknight said:
It has to be set up that way in order to have time for the voting. On the old forum there was a Hero of the Week. It all comes down to time, not having enough to go around. Between the blog and the forums, it got crazy trying to keep up with everything. Moving HOTM to the blog is not a bad ideas, but right now I have time issue to deal with. After I get some other projects done I will look into bringing HOTM back.

Don’t take this wrong, HK, and I appreciate everything that you do to keep HM moving. Instead of 2 or 3 blogs and contests a day, post just 1 blog a day and 1 weekly contest. I’m a mech-warrior princess myself… I mean… don’t overdose yourself on the OCD.

At work, I delegate, relegate, substantiate, validate… when I get to the point that I opinionate, fixate, frustrate, and swear revenge… a strawberry ice cream cone refreshes.