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Herr D

MM2M: Module 3 — The BUG.
Some of you know what two-year-olds are like. Sometimes they have a problem with categories. I don’t know the term for it in dev. psyc., but one word per category is all they use: A dog is everything with 4 legs, etc.

A child in the baby seat said, “There’s a BUG!”
The parent said, “Didja GIT ‘im?”
“No, he’s too HEAVY.”

Of course, in reality, the child meant too FAR or too FAST. But we’re sticking with heavy. Realistically speaking, the child might not have meant insect or arachnid, but anything unpleasant looking with multiple legs, possible wings, and nowhere near soft and cuddly. Perhaps arthropoidal, etc. So, in the twisted imaginings of a heavily sleep-deprived human father, what did the BUG look like? It had to fit in the back seat of a typical car, as it had not yet become visible to the parent in question. This pic must have the child or at least a campy silhouette for scale, and extra points for putting background in. You have until Sat. 2/23 11:59pm.

M2MM note:

Module 1 remains open, so if anyone wonders why it’s so specific, the source material is my story, “The Show Must Go Off,” in the scifi section of the Writer’s Room.