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Herr D

M2MM #1:

This one starts early–you have from RIGHT NOW (no time travel allowed) till Saturday 1/19 11:59PM EST. To illustrate one or more of the following:

1. Enforcer KF2 (male) looking stern and authoritarian, making a commanding gesture as he does an assisted leap through the air.
2. Enforcer LC4 (female) looking angry, embarrassed, impatient, or some combination–and aiming not firing her shoulder cannon.
3. Any Enforcer in the midst of removing headgear with someone behind them ready to stab them.

1. Background walls are cavern/mine gray, perhaps streaked with black or ‘earth tones.’ The Enforcers are the security force for the ‘Belt Mine Prison System’ or BMPS. That’s right. All pics are well inside an asteroid millions of miles from Earth. No portholes. You may, if you like, show hallway girders or struts, hatches, doorframes for residences, airlocks without views, storefronts with signs, ‘public’ computer kiosks, lights, vents, security cameras, . . . I may add to this list by request (PM.)
2. Anyone you show is human, but that includes cyborgs. Anyone besides an Enforcer is a beltminer, or prisoner, on V-gamma-seven, the asteroid mentioned above. It’s a penal colony, capitalist, minimally regulated. No kids, no animals. Simple, vandal-resistant cleaning bots. The miners might wear anything they can make / steal / kill for. They live here. Some are hookers (legal here.) ID is done with something half the size of a wristwatch with no band. Implanted mid-forearm, only slightly protruding, wireless, no jack.
3. Enforcers are identified by a seven-digit code, usually four numbers, two letters, and one more number. The last three are large and repeated on several limbs of uniform. The uniform is gray, armored, bulky, has very little hardware showing besides a com unit and a shoulder cannon (five shots at a time,) shows nothing but the face and maybe some hair. These suits DO enable the wearer to leap up to seventy feet in length, twenty-five feet in height in nine-tenths Earth gravity.

Should you, during this mission, become fraught, thrilled, or raptured, you may mention it here. I know this is a lot of detail.