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Herr D

Somebody said my three midgeteers were creepy. . .I’m trying to remember whether I planned that and can’t. . .oh, well.
These are definitely supposed to be a little creepy:
First up, Master Marionette. Somehow, no matter what people try, they can’t see where the strings go. They just variously continue up forever or stop in mid-air with no pattern or continuity, switching back and forth. Juggling is what he does. –So don’t let him too near those three kids over there–

*Okay. Now, some people would say I cheated, but I saved some time by creating two radically different pics for two different contests with the same general concept and items in mind.*

Kid Weapon has this peculiar power. He turns weapons in his vicinity into toys. None of the local warriors want to get too close, because some of THEM are considered lethal weapons . . .

I saw here the opportunity to invent the first ever plushie chainsaw!