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Herr D

Well, with a deliberately surrealist work in my thread now and a lot of cross-talk ‘twixt threads about madness, it’s time to show my entry for the vehicle pop quiz.

Zeph, as his buds call him, is captain of the SS Faewatch. His achievement name was earned in 1981 when he gusted off a man’s hairpiece in Virginia Beach and made it dance across a parking lot like a clumsy squirrel doing an accidental shoulder roll. Formally speaking to him when on his ship, you must say “Captain Zephyrym-Gusts-Toupee.” This pic must have him scheming somewhere off the starboard side. If you need a spontaneous madness cure or to go mad in such a way that going mad will sanify you, book passage by promising him a weather scheme to cause mischief that will make him laugh or cry.

You’d better not break a promise to him.

This one is his ship at anchor. That probably means it’s an involved scheme. The iris lantern means he may need some ship’s power to pull it off or find his way back.