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Herr D

THE VERY CROSSE KNIGHT Chapter IV: Enclave, Conclave

The three Nabooian knights returned to their side of the bridge, stunned. A moment later, a man, very strangely dressed for a knight, emerged from behind the curtain, crossed to their side, and led them wordlessly back to the strange shield in the woods.
the youngest knight ran across the bridge for a peek at what lay there. He came back in the middle of the following explanation.
The knight with the blue visor had asked the man ‘didn’t he mean conclave instead of enclave.’ The man said:
“Technically I mean both. Since I have proven by trial by combat that I am champion of your quest, we are now a group representing my country as well. I do not belong here except for this business, and so we are in an enclave conclave. Any questions?”
“Yes. What is a super soaker?” asked the youngest knight.
“It is a sort of catapult that fires only water. As you can see, I had no other weapons with me. Not even my shield.” With that, the man stood by his shield, drew from behind it a pouch of metal objects and a staff.
The largest knight returned his claymoor to his back and pointed to a note scratched in the dirt. “What is a ‘buck-and-a-quarter,’ and who is ‘DD?’
The man frowned. “The note is something called a loan declaration. A buck is a monetary unit and part of the value of this staff. ‘DD’ is who loaned it to me.” He attached the pouch to his side. “Further, it is not so much a staff as it is a symbol of being underrated. This pouch contains the truest weapons I carry.”
The knight with the blue visor asked, “What are they?”
The man smiled. “They are Surewecans. I will be able to attack all things that think little of us.”
“Who are you and why isn’t your cross one color?” asked the youngest knight.
“I am Sir Herr D, Knight of the Third Choice, The Very Crosse Knight. My cross is more than one color because I serve good in all forms, regardless of distinctions between them. Countries, churches, people, things that are not really people–if they are on the side of good, they are on my side.”
“What does your shield mean?” asked the knight with the blue visor.
“By hammer, blade, and brush, with word, note, and act–I create. It is a sort of motto. Why don’t you all introduce yourselves to me?”