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Herr D

THE VERY CROSSE KNIGHT Chapter V: Knight After Knight

“Awlrigh’ awlrigh,’ I’ll go first,” said the largest knight, “My name is Sir Schultz. I have unusual sight. I have trouble seeing anything but evil. The evil things, the evil intent–the evil thoughts even. Bright ugly red like blood from a gushing nose or scalp. It hurts me to see well. But I’m a knight, so I kill evil. My motto is ‘I see NOTHING!’ My goal, you know.”
“I’ll go next,” said the knight with the blue visor, “My name is Sir Emnoonbrashone. I also have unusual sight. I don’t have trouble seeing objects, weapons, plants. But I see dead people.”
“That leaves me,” said the youngest knight. “The only thing I cannot see is clothes. My name is Sir Glancelot.”
“That must be incredibly distracting at times,” said the champion.
“It IS!” said Sir Glancelot,”There’s this one particular woman with–“
“Are you speaking of unrequited love?” snapped the champion.
“Well, don’t. I don’t want to be depressed. Let’s be off on our quest.”