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Herr D

THE VERY CROSSE KNIGHT Chapter I: The Quest [bass voice, narrator inflections]

King Regent Ninny Naboo was informed one day at court that the Crystal Draconis had ceased playing and were hiding in the Humble Achy Wood. He called for a Royal Forester to inquire and was promptly told that the Humble Achy Trees believed that the former frolicing fell off for fear of a ferocious foe. It did, of course, take the Royal Forester six attempts just to say that.
Ninny Naboo’d never known any news nearly so funny. Presumably his difficulties relating the information to the royal family stemmed from his amusement. His father the King pointed out Ninny’s royal responsibilities in the matter, and quite spoiled the merriment in general for the purposes of furthering Ninny’s royal education.
Ninny therefore selected three of his unusually-sighted knights to go upon a quest. A quest to find the ferocious foe and deal with it properly. Obviously he could not send knights with normal vision, as no one had actually SEEN anything unusual at all. Thus, the three knights Ninny named went willingly westward, severally searching such fearsome ferocious foes. The Royal Crier, expecting the worst, thought to read that particular proclamation very slowly.